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More About the Show

Participate in Izuminka

From hair, makeup and overall look, stylists are an integral part of Izuminka. Opportunities are currently open for European based stylist and salons who have a presence in Florida. If you are approved to be a stylist in the show, you will be given the opportunity to compete for the “Top stylist” award by participating in the runway or hair show portions of the show. The Top Stylist is selected based on the number of votes received from the audience during the show.

Note: Approved stylists will not be charged to participate in Izumnka, however all costs associated with their production will be their responsibility to cover.

Individual or group/shop stylists will be listed in the show materials and be given credit for their work in the following parts of the show:

Phase 1: Social Hour

Adorned models will circulate in the crowds during social hour. At this time, models will openly discuss the items they are wearing with guests, including who did their hair and makeup. Models will have vendor contact information and be briefed on the prices of services from the salons or stylist. To ensure accuracy, the stylist will provide a product card with each service item. The models can also provide business cards from the stylist to prospective guests. (Business card supply is the responsibility of the stylist and must be done prior to the show).

Phase 2: Main Event

The main event will be divided among the designers and include transition time between each segment. Models will prepare backstage and be photographed just before stepping on to the stage. This photo will go onto the Izuminka website after the show. (Guests can view the designs, makeup and hair after the show and click through to view the stylist website.) The models will walk the full length of the runway for each outfit, pausing for photos from the crowd. Izuminka will award limited prizes at the end show for guests who post images to social media channels (Facebook, Twitter & Instagram) with #Izuminka. This will extend the impact of the stylists talent beyond the audience and build awareness of stylist capabilities after the show, online.

Phase 3: Awards and Prizes

Guests will be provided a voting card at registration. These cards will be gathered and votes counted while raffle prizes are awarded to the audience. (Stylists can contribute prizes for the raffle if desired.) At the completion of the raffle presentations, the votes will be announced for Top Designer, Top Model and Top Stylist. Winners will be presented their awards on stage and be featured on the Izuminka website along with their title.

Stylists can apply to be in the show by completing the form below. Once approved, the stylists logo will be included in show materials.

Stylist Registration