Dancers from the Russian Ballet Orlando will perform on the runway at the Izuminka Fall Fashion Expo. The audience will have the unique viewpoint of a runway style stage, allowing the dancers to movie through the depth of the crowd. “The addition of Russian Ballet Orlando bring so much to experience of Izuminka, our show would be incomplete without their talent and artistry.” said Jef Gray, President of the Russian-American Community Center.

About Russian Ballet Orlando
Russian Ballet Orlando, located in Downtown Orlando, is the premier ballet academy in Central Florida, training students who go on to become professional dancers. Russian Ballet Orlando’s former students fill the ranks of leading U.S. and international ballet companies. Russian Ballet Orlando’s faculty is an international group of brilliant instructors whose Russian backgrounds provide their students with a variety of artistic influences.
Russian Ballet Orlando’s faculty is directed by Katerina Fedotova, offering our students an experience to perform professional principal and soloist roles, in theatrical atmospheres.
Our dancers enjoy real world training experiences while building their individual resumes in order to create their professional resume when they are ready to move on and/or audition for professional ballet companies.

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