Meet the Designers of Izuminka


Note: Izuminka 2014 is booked for fashion designers. Jewelry and accessory designers are still open through September 2014.

Designers are the central feature of the show. Izuminka will encompass multiple design themes from clothing, jewelry and accessories. The show will be divided into segments to allow each designer a dedicated space where their brand and products will be in view of the audience.

Show Program

Phase 1: Social Hour

Adorned models will circulate in the crowds during social hour. At this time, models will openly discuss the items they are wearing with guests. Models will have vendor contact information and be briefed on the retail prices of each dress, accessory or item they are wearing.

Phase 2: Main Event

The main event will be divided among the three fashion designers and include a hair show before the final fashion exhibit. Entertainment will be featured between each designer transition. All designs will be photographed and available on the Izuminka website after the show. (Guests can view the designs after the show and click through to view more information or purchase items on the designers site.) Izuminka will award limited prizes at the end show for guests who post images to social media channels (Facebook, Twitter & Instagram) with #Izuminka.

Phase 3: Awards and Prizes

Guests will be provided a voting card at registration. These cards will be gathered and votes counted while raffle prizes are awarded to the audience. (Designers can contribute prizes for the raffle if desired.) At the completion of the raffle presentations, the votes will be announced for Top Designer, Top Model and Top Stylist. Winners will be presented their awards on stage and be featured on the Izuminka website along with their title.